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This is a pretty quick post.

I noticed that quite a few people were needing the manual for their kindle 1. Generally the Kindle is pretty intuitive but it always pays to read through the manual.

Just so you know that the user manual will have the answer you need here is the TOC. You can get the User Manual, Kindle 1 Here.


Getting Started with Your Kindle 1.1 Views of Kindle
Front View Back View Bottom View
1.2 Getting Around
Using the Buttons Using the Menus Using the Special Keys
1.3 Entering Text
Lowercase and Uppercase Letters Numbers, Punctuation, and Symbols
1.4 Status Indicators
Whispernet Status Indicators Battery Status Indicators

Getting to Know Kindle Content 2.1 The Home Screen
Home Screen Features
Show and Sort Options The Home Screen Menu
2.2 Content Manager
Moving or Removing Kindle Items The Content Manager Menu The Show and Sort Menu More about Managing Items

Reading on Kindle 3.1 Types of Content
Books Newspapers Magazines Blogs Personal Documents Audiobooks Background Music
3.2 Content Formatting on Kindle
Changing the Text Size
3.3 Moving from Place to Place
Using the Menu to Get Around Selecting Internal Links
3.4 Looking Up Definitions
The Lookup Feature
3.5 Bookmarks, Annotations, and Clippings
Using Bookmarks
Using Highlights Using Notes Using Clippings
3.6 Listening to Audio Materials
Audiobooks Playing Music

Searching on Kindle 4.1 Introduction to Search
Types of Searches Performing a Search
4.2 The Search Results Page
Showing a Specific Instance Dictionary Results
4.3 Performing Remote Searches
Searching Wikipedia Searching the Web Searching the Kindle Store Ask Kindle NowNow

The Kindle Store
5.1 Getting Started at the Store
Connecting to the Kindle Store
5.2 Kindle Store Pages
The Kindle Storefront Browsing the Store Getting the Details Saving Items for Later
5.3 Recommendations, Reviews, and Ratings
Your Recommendations Looking Up Reviews Writing Your Own Ratings and Reviews
5.4 Making Purchases
Trying a Sample Book Buying Your Selections Returning an Item

Accessing the Web 6.1 Using Basic Web
Entering a URL Using Bookmarks and Adding Your Own Using Next Page and Previous Page Selecting Links, Buttons and Boxes Using History The Basic Web Menu
6.2 Other Features
Text Size Downloading Files Viewing Modes Basic Web Settings

Settings and Experimental
7.1 Adjusting Your Kindle Settings
Registering or Deregistering Kindle Personalizing Your Kindle Changing Annotations Backup Viewing Available Memory
The Settings Menu
7.2 Experimental

Kindle and Your Computer 8.1 Getting Started
System Requirements Making the Connection
8.2 Handling Files through USB
Managing Your Documents Transferring Your Clippings
8.3 Converting and Transferring Your Documents
Supported Formats for Conversion Sending Your Documents for Conversion
8.4 Audiobooks and Music
Audiobooks from Transferring Music

Your Kindle and
9.1 Shopping for Kindle Content on
Browsing the Kindle Store Searching the Kindle Store Getting the Details Ordering Content
9.2 Managing Your Kindle on
Managing Your Device Managing Your Orders Your Media Library
9.3 Contacting Kindle Support
Kindle Support Web Address Kindle Support Phone Numbers

Safety Information Maintaining Your Kindle One-Year Limited Warranty Notices and Certifications Product Specifications.

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